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Featured Monthly Dermatology Procedure

Featured Procedure

SculpSure non-surgical body contouring permanently eliminates up to 24% of fat cells in just one 25 minute treatment. A smarter way to sculpt!

Redefine your shape!   SculpSure non-invasive body contouring helps you safely reduce stubborn fat in problem areas such as the belly, love handles, back, inner and outer thighs with a treatment plan customized to your goals. No downtime -- you can swim, spin or go to the gym immediately. Call to learn more and schedule an appointment - (212) 750-7121.

Watch Dr. Robinson treat with SculpSure

Cosmetic Consultation Reimbursement policy offered to all patients. Come discuss a featured monthly procedure with our Doctors, and the office visit cost will be applied to the discussed procedure cost within the same month.

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